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World Challenge GT Exhaust Systems

All GMG World Challenge exhaust systems are designed in-house and have been designed, tuned, tested and proven on the dyno and track to increase performance.   The WC exhaust systems are hand crafted using the finest Titanium mandrel tubing that are TIG and fuse welded.  The GMG WC-GT exhaust for the 997TT, as an example, features a proprietary (patent pending) cross over center section, Titanium sport mufflers, OBD2 compliant German made 200 cell sport catalyst designed specifically for turbo applications (no CEL lights) and is finished off with dual 3" tips that are unique to GMG's design that is both aggressive and functional. The system also offers a very unique "machine" sound that is reminiscent of the Carrera GT without any annoying interior drone or resonance.


World Challenge exhaust systems are also available for Porsche 997 GT3, Cayenne and Panamera Turbo, as well as other models, including Ferrari F430 and F575M models.