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Mustang 500SE Chassis Dynamometer

GMG features a state-of-the-art Mustang AWD 500SE Chassis Dynamometer with a sound proof environmental control test cell. GMG's test cell offers unparalled repeatability and consistency. The Mustang 500 SE is an Eddy Current dyno, which has a 1500 wheel horsepower maximum measurement capacity in 2WD and 2500 wheel horsepower maximum measurement capacity in AWD.  At the heart of the dyno test cell are two 10 HP fans with a combined flow of 70,000 CFM. These two 10 HP fans extract exhaust gasses out of the test cell, while bringing fresh outside air in, creating a realistic driving scenario. The test cell is also insolated so while a car is being run on the dyno, it is not disrupting the other aspects of the shop environment. With this sophisticated equipment GMG can test and tune any 2wd or 4wd vehicle in the market today.