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About Us


My name is Mr. Keith Garmon and I would personally like to introduce myself and welcome you to Rennsport Performance.  We are a DMV licensed automobile dealer located in the city of Newport Beach, California, USA.  My  involvement with automobile racing first began in the late 1980's when I was employed with Korman Autoworks (formerly the offical BMW M3 racing team for BMW North America) and later Interserie Motorsport (a private BMW racing team), where I performed several roles, including race car fabrication and preparation, team crew-chief, and I was actively involved with team management.  I also have over 18-years experience in international sales management in the medical device arena as an employee of Biosensors International, a major player in the interventional cardiovascular device market. 


Rennsport Performance was formed with the idea to produce "race inspired road cars" that have performance characteristics far exceeding those currently offered by factory authorized dealers.  I am glad to say we have achieved our goal by a wide margin.  We are partners with Global Motorsports Group, one of the premier Porsche racing teams and performance tuners in the United States.  We are an authorized exporter of GMG's World Challenge road cars, including all Porsche 911, Cayenne and Panamera series vehicles. I am excited to say Rennsport has taken Porsche performance to a  new level  and our remarkable World Challenge Porsche automobiles are now available, uniquely assembled for each client, fully sorted, dyno tested, and built for years of incredible and reliable performance.


It is important to mention that our customers are our most valuable asset and if you are considering Rennsport Performance for your next automobile purchase, may this introduction develop into a long-term relationship. We would personally like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to join our family of satisfied clients.


We are ready to assist with your next automobile investment and invite you to share our passion for performance vehicles.